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If you’re a female pilot, love flying and love sharing that passion with others, then we’d love to have you! We provide year-round resources to assist women pilots and to encourage young women to consider flying as a career or for fun.


Since 1941 the AEMSF has awarded almost 800 scholarships plus 275 awards to student pilots earning their first certificate. The amount awarded for these scholarships exceeds $12 Million. PLUS many of our Chapters and Sections offer further scholarships.

Canadian Aviatrix Postal Stamps

In 2008, through Canada Post’s Picture Postage program, Eileen Vollick was celebrated as Canada’s first licensed female pilot on a stamp designed by the East Canada Section, Ninety-Nines. The stamp was the Section's first issue and can be used as regular letter postage within Canada. The stamps can be ordered on our website.

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