Each year The Ninety-Nines offer many scholarships through the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Foundation , as well as through our Sections and Chapters.

Scroll down this page to see the Section and Chapter scholarships available for 99s members.

Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships

Each year Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships are awarded to qualified members for five different scholarship types, including two specialized scholarships: an Emergency Maneuver Training Scholarship established in memory of 99 member Vicki Cruse and an International Scholarship, in memory of Kitty Houghton, for pilots in developing countries. In addition, the AEMSF provides Research Scholarship Grants and Fly Now Awards for  Since 1941 the AEMSF has awarded almost 800 scholarships plus 275 awards to student pilots earning their first certificate. The amount awarded for these scholarships, including Research Scholar Grants and Fly Now Awards exceeds $12 Million. 

There are five separate Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship applications in order to accommodate the most common types of requests. The applicant should use the application form most appropriate to her circumstances and goal.

Reaching beyond The 99s Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships, scholarships both large and small are sponsored by 99s Sections and Chapters. Eligibility requirements vary considerably, so we recommend a thorough review of all scholarships listed.

Tips for Creating Your Best Application

The competition for a scholarship is fierce, so don’t make these blunders and faux pas that will put your application packet squarely in the average score range. Only the best applications can be funded. In an effort to help applicants turn in the highest quality application possible, here are some resources to help the applicants: 

East Canada & West Canada
Sections & Chapter Scholarships & Awards

west canada

West Canada Section’s $1,500 Scholarship is open to licensed female pilots for flight training as well as to non-pilots who are contributing to aviation in other ways such as an education or research project, or career training in a non-flying but aviation related field. Further details are included in the linked application form.


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Manitoba chapter has seven scholarships, which are offered several times a year, including the C-FLUG Scholarship, Broadening Horizons Scholarship and IFR Flight Simulator Scholarships. Women are invited to apply for each and every applicant due date. All 99s are welcome to apply for these scholarships. Billeting is available for women from out of town. They also offer three other scholarships (Airbus Sim, Career Takes Flight, Air Traffic Control.  All scholarships and information can be found on their website…click the link below ‘Manitoba Scholarships’.

East Canada Section Scholarships & Awards

New Track Scholarship

The East Canada Section is pleased to offer the New Track Scholarship to a determined, goal-oriented member of the East Canada Section persuing a career in commercial aviation.  

New Track Scholarship

$1,000 will be awarded for advanced flight training, to a member who is embarking on an aviation career after pursuing a previous career or graduation from post-secondary education.      

Award of Excellence First Canadian Chapter

The Award of Excellence is a special project of the First Canadian Chapter, intended to promote women in aviation it is awarded to a top graduating female student pilots. This award is issued in the spring.                                                                       

 Application Available Here.

Canadian Award in Aviation

Individual 99s and friends of the Canadian 99s have contributed enough funds to provide an annual award of approximately $2,000 to organizations whose activities promote, improve or preserve aviation and aeronautics in Canada. Individual Ninety-Nines do not qualify to receive this award. The award allows our women pilots to promote aviation through other organizations. 

   Application Available Here.

Dee Birchmore Butterfly Award

A project of the First Canadian Chapter of the 99s – Any woman pilot who qualifies may apply or be nominated.

For women pilots who fulfill their dreams of learning to fly after other parts of their lives have unfolded. 

 Application Available Here.

Governor's Service Award

The East Canada Section’s Governor’s Service Award was introduced in 1995 by then Governor, Joy Parker Blackwood, to recognize, on an annual basis, one member of the East Canada Section 99s for her outstanding and continuing contributions to the 99s and general aviation.

Scholarships Offered by Other Organizations