Participant Information

Please complete the Information for each Rally Participant

A complete entry form consists of:
- Participant information for each Rally Participant.

-Aircraft Information for the team.
-Entry Fee $150 per participant. Includes final banquet, insurance and prizes. Acommodation, meals en route, aircraft expenses, etc. are the responsibility of each participant.
-You may select to pay your registration fees by Paypal, e-transer to or mailing a cheque made payable to the 'East Canada Section 99s'. If paying by cheque, contact Grace at for the mailing address to send your payment and registration form/s.

Gold Cup Rally
*If E-transfer, enter Date sent to:
As Pilot-in-command, I will ensure that the required aircraft documents and survival gear are carried in the aircraft during the GCAR event.
A valid current Passport. You are advised to have your passport with you during the rally, in case our route changes because of weather.
*If E-transfer, enter Date sent to:
*If E-transfer, enter Date sent to: