IT’S A GO…. join us on the COVID friendly Gold Cup Air Rally.

East Canada Section (ECS) 99s 

September 18-20, 2020

Please join the East Canada Section Air Rally

The rally is open to all women pilots (don’t have to be a 99 member)!  

Minimum of two persons per aircraft.

Departure:  Friday Sept 18, 2020 from your home airport to Muskoka (CYQA) 

Briefing Airport:  Muskoka (CYQA) & spot landing

Leg 1: Gore Bay (CYZE):  BBQ lunch

Leg 2 to destination airport: Earlton Timiskamimg Regional Airport (CYXR)

Sept. 19, 2020 free day.  Evening- finale dinner and awards

Sept. 20, 2020 – fly home

Registration Fee: $110.00 (Canadian) for each participant includes Breakfasts, lunches, supper, Finale dinner, awards,  surprises.  Accommodations and aircraft fuel are participants’ costs

Payment method by e-transfer to:  [email protected]

It is preferred that the completed Registration Application be emailed to [email protected]

OR cheque/money order payable to: East Canada Section & mailed to:

                  Grace Howell , Treasurer, The Ninety-Nines, East Canada Section

                           1102-665 Windermere Rd. London, ON N5X2Y6                               

Entry Application DEADLINE Sunday August 16th, 2020  Extended but please arrange your team this week or let Grace know your intentions.

A complete entry application consists of:

  • Participant Information for each rally participant
  • Aircraft Information for the team and
  • The Entry Fee of $110 per participant  



The Gold Cup Air Rally was the brainchild of two First Canadian Chapter 99s who had participated in Air Races in the U.S. and found racing very competitive and hard on the aircraft.  They started the 99s Canadian Gold Cup Air Rally in 2000.  

The rally is a not a race. This all women’s cross country challenge is flown in day VFR conditions only. The competitive part is based on challenges such as aviation related questions, ground photos, calculation of fuel consumption, spot landing and more. There must be a minimum of 2 persons per aircraft, (pilot and co-pilot).

 East Canada Section 99s

Β Gold Cup Air Rally –Β 2020


Participant and Aircraft Info Form


PARTICIPANT INFORMATION:    (Please complete info below for each rally participant)


1. PILOT: (Name) __________________________

(Cell Phone #)___________________________




(License No.) ________________   
Medical Cat.__________________(Med Date)____________________

2. CO-PILOT: (Name) __________________________
(Cell Phone #)___________________________



(License No.) ________________   Medical Cat.__________________(Med. Date)____________________

3. CO-PILOT: (Name) __________________________

(Cell Phone #)___________________________



(License No.) ________________   Medical Cat.__________________(Med. Date)____________________


EMERGENCY CONTACT:        (Name)________________________________________________________

(Phone–H)____________________________ (Phone – B)____________ (Cell)________________________


(Registration) ___________________


(Nav Equipment) _______________________________ (Type of ELT)_______________________________

(Insurance Carrier)______________________(Phone)_____________________(Date of Expiry)_________

(Date of most recent Annual Inspection)__________________________________________

According to Canadian Aviation Regulations, the following documents must be carried in an aircraft:

Survival gear appropriate for geographic area, weather and climate conditions is also required.   Minimum requirements include:

As PIC, I will ensure that the required aircraft documents and survival gear are in the aircraft.




View some video from previous years….

Slide show video from the 2013 Gold Cup Air Rally to the Piper Museum, PA and Old Rhineback, NY

Slide show video from the 2012 Gold Cup Air Rally, Edenvale to Pelee Island