Nour wins Suzanne Kearns latest book!

Nour wins Suzanne Kearns latest book!

Congratulations on this surprise for Nour S. Utayim of the Montreal Chapter.

Suzanne Kearns was offering 10 copies of her newly released textbook “Fundamentals of International Aviation”, via her LinkedIn account. She had asked to help identify some deserving individuals to receive the book as a gift, a young person with a passion for aviation— and I put forward Nour’s name.

This morning I was notified that Nour was one of those selected to receive a copy.

Thank you Suzanne for your generosity.

Suzanne is an Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo, focusing on aviation human factors and pilot training, including the shift towards competency-based education practices and the impact of e-learning in aviation.Fundamentals of International Aviation, designed for the next generation of aviation professionals, flips the traditional approach to aviation education.

Instead of focusing on one career in one country, it has been designed to introduce the aviation industry on a global scale with a broad view of all the interconnected professional groups. Therefore, this is an appropriate introductory book for any aviation career (including aviation regulators, maintenance engineers, pilots, flight attendants, airline managers, dispatchers, air traffic controllers, and airport managers among many others).

Each chapter of this text introduces a different cross-section of the industry, from air law to operations, security to remotely-piloted aircraft (drones). A variety of learning tools are built into each section, including case studies that describe an aviation accident related to the content of each chapter.

This book provides a foundation of aviation industry awareness that will support the next generation as they choose a career path that best aligns with their interests and ambitions. It also offers current professionals an enriched understanding of the practices and challenges between the many interconnected professional groups that make up the rich fabric of international aviation.