Gold Cup Air Rally 2020

SEPTEMBER 17 – 20, 2020

Information on the 2020 Gold Cup Air Rally will be posted shortly…come back and check this page.

The rally is open to all women pilots (you don’t have to be a 99 member)!  Minimum of two persons per aircraft.


  • The Gold Cup Air Rally was the brainchild of two First Canadian Chapter 99s who had participated in Air Races in the U.S. and found racing very competitive and hard on the aircraft. They started the 99s Canadian Gold Cup Air Rally in 2000.  
  • The rally is a not a race. 
  • This is an all-women’s cross country challenge, flown in day VFR conditions only. The only competitive part is based on challenges such as aviation related questions, ground photos, calculation of fuel consumption, spot landing and more. 
  • There must be a minimum of 2 persons per aircraft, (pilot and co-pilot).

View some video from previous years….

Slide show video from the 2013 Gold Cup Air Rally to the Piper Museum, PA and Old Rhineback, NY

Slide show video from the 2012 Gold Cup Air Rally, Edenvale to Pelee Island

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