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We are a group of women pilots who get together to do activities related to aviation.  Our goal is that our activities benefit the largest number of women pilots as possible and answer their needs. For more information: or Join to our chapter.  


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Our mission is to promote advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, and mutual support while honoring our unique history and sharing our passion for flight.

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Dreams Come True… From Flight Attendant to Corporate Jet Pilot...

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Exec team

We are the board that run this chapter and will make it fun and educational for you to join us.    For more information, e-mail us to:   

  • Robin Wallden: Membership
  • Soumia Ben: Chairman
  • Olivia Corriveau: Vice Chairman
  • Sandrine Gressard: Treassurer
  • Emma Neale: Newsletter & Secretary
  • Chloe Collins: AEMSF Scholarships Chairman 
  • Gina Hurtatiz: Websmater
Robin Wallden
Soumia Ben
Olivia Corriveau
Vice Chairman
Sandrine Gressard
Emma Neale
Newsletter & Secretary
Chloe Collins
AEMSF Scholarships Chairman 
Gina Hurtatiz
Congrats Heidi for completing your night rating! We wish the best for your IFR!!!
Congrats Sandrine on your tailwheel license!!! You rock!
Congratulations Jade Létourneau on your Group 1 IFR!!!! Upwards and onwards
Huge shout out to Chantal Mathieu for finishing her CPL and crossing the 200 hours threshold
Commercial Pilot License Flight Test: Done. Congratulations Gina! 2 stripes on her shoulders
Congratulations Noemi!!! For get your Commercial Pilot License Flight Test 2 stripes on her shoulders 🙂
Congratulations Jessika Venne for a successful completion of your recurrent training on the PC12 at Flight safety! 🎉🥳
CONGRATULATION TO KELLY!!!!! On passing her PPC on the PC12! Her first commercial job! Clear skies and tailwinds love
Congratulations Nastassia Brossard for passing your PPL flight test 🥳
Congratulations Nour S. Utayim for rocking another TC exam! IATRA and get your instructor class 3
Congrats to Sarah V. Labbé who passed her Commercial license Way to go! ✈️
Congrats to Lauren Nagel for graduating from McGill with Masters in Experimental Medicine 🥳 we’re so proud of you


Have you had any milestones reached recently? Flight tests, written exams, new ratings, or experiences? We love to celebrate your accomplishments, please tell us more in our email:

Fun is in the air

Do you remember your funniest moment in the air? Olivia shared with us her acrobatic experience. 

Do you want to share your videos? Please, tell us more in our email:

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