As a licensed woman pilot (current or not), you are invited to become a part of our legacy as the first organization of women pilots.

Here are 3 things to get the process started:

  1. Download and complete the International 99’s membership application.
  2. Contact the Chapter in your region for more information on their activities, latest local aviation news, and social events.
  3. Female student pilots can join The Ninety-Nines as Associate members. To join as a student, you must have a current student pilot certificate. You may remain an Associate member in The Ninety-Nines for as long as you hold a current student pilot certificate.



Become a Member

The Ninety-Nines, Inc. International Organization of Women Pilots thanks you for choosing membership in this prestigious group of female pilots, your peers.

Membership is available to female pilots or student pilots holding a current student pilot certificate.

Membership Application

If you have any questions about completing the application or the class of membership to select, please email or call our Headquarters at either (800)994-1929 or (405) 685-7969.

  • The application may be completed electronically and saved to your computer then emailed to or printed out and mailed with a check or credit card information to:
  • The Ninety-Nines, Inc.
    International Organization of Women Pilots
    PO Box 950374
    Oklahoma City, OK 73195-0374 USA

Click here to open the pdf application form

  • Are you a Student Pilot?

    Good news! As a student pilot, you can now join The Ninety-Nines as an Student Pilot Associate member. All you need is a student pilot certificate or equivalent pilot certificate issued by an appropriate government authority. You can remain an Associate member for as long as you have a current student pilot certificate. Once you receive your pilot’s license, when you can update your status to a “99” membership and receive all the benefits of being a full member.

    More good news is that by joining as an Associate member you can apply for The Ninety-Nines New Pilot Award, which goes towards training for your private pilot certificate. You also start accumulating time towards the one-year waiting period required to apply for an Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship! When you receive your license, you can update your membership to “99,” ready to help other future women pilots.

    With The Ninety-Nines, you are in the company of friends. You receive understanding, encouragement and strength. You can participate in 99s sponsored flying activities, aviation education, and community service. So, join The Ninety-Nines and truly understand the magic and camaraderie of women pilots!

    Looking for a Chapter to Join?

    Our membership is divided into chapters that are part of geographical “Sections” that can cover several provinces in Canada. Check our Sections & Chapters page to find a Chapter near you.