The Dorothy Rungeling Niagara Central Airport gets a 99s Compass Rose.

Three people can do great things! Thanks SO much to Senka and Lidia from Burlington Airpark for getting our Compass Rose to the next step. You girls were machines with the paint and fairy dust!

Cathy B, of the Maple Leaf Chapter, has been steering the efforts of member’s from MLC and FCC in getting this compass rose designed and painted at the airport in Welland, which I’d the Terminus for the women’s Air Race Classic.

Dorothy’s airport gets a Compass Rose to welcome the women’s Air Race Classic

It’s a fitting location for the race Terminus, as Dorothy Rungeling, a member of the First Canadian Chapter 99s until she passed away at 105 yr, was an avid women’s Air Race competitor. This is the only airport in Canada named for a woman pilot.

A painting of Dorothy Rungeling being hung up inside the airport that bears her name.

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