Remembering Pat Crocker

It is with a heavy heart that I share with you the news that Patricia Crocker, charter member of the Maple Leaf Chapter of the Ninety Nines, died early this morning at Victoria Hospital in London.  Her sage advice, ribald wit and perpetual good spirits were a great inspiration to those of us who knew her, and many of us on her email list.  Pat’s daughter, Suzanne, reported that Pat died peacefully in her sleep, with her husband Tom keeping her company.   The family is making arrangements for a private service in the near future and a more open celebration of Pat’s life later in April.  I will keep you posted on the details as they arise.  I shall miss Pat deeply as she was my mentor in all things Ninety-Nines.  Confined to a wheelchair in her later years, Pat none the less achieved one of her many life goals when she took her first glider flight two years ago.  We jokingly discussed the logistics of “hauling her ass” into a glider for the trip, and more recently, Pat was celebrating getting out more with the Maple Leaf Chapter once she found that “Scat”, her wheel chair, fit in my car.    I bid farewell to a mentor, friend and great lady.  Rest in Peace, Pat.  Or rather…Cleared for Take Off!

Jessica B

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