Manitoba Chapter – Women Fly

Manitoba Chapter – Women Fly

Many of The Ninety-Nine Chapters around the world are doing some interesting aviation programs! In Canada, the Manitoba Chapter was donated CFLUG, a Cessna 150 several years ago. 
The C-FLUG C150 mission is to provide women pilots with chance to build hours, stay current, learn elementary maintenance, and gain experience flying their own plane. C-FLUG pilots are provided free Check Out and Indoctrination flights with experienced pilots who own their own plane. C-FLUG is available for cross country flights, including flights to the USA!

C-FLUG has been so successful that the Chapter now offers Pilots in Training – 7 scholarships each year and the dealine is fast approaching! Visit their web site today to find out more and submit your application before Feb 1, 2019!

For women interesting in learning what flying is about, they offer Manitoba 99s Learn to Fly Classes: Beginning February 3, 2019, classes will be held Sunday night, 1900-2030. Everyone is welcome to attend free Learn to Fly classes at Lyncrest Airport. Classes include access to the Redbird flight simulator and one on one Study Buddies.

In this photo, one of the Manitoba 99s who had flown C-FLUG two years ago in order to get the PIC time she needed to go into Captain seat now is flying the 787!

Anna says, “On my way to Seoul! My first trip was to Milan, next week…London! My new plane B787, there is a reason it’s called the Dreamliner!”