Congratulations to Lesley Page for being awarded the East Canada Sections ‘Governor Service Award’.

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Lesley Page is a ‘go-getter’ type of woman – who went from finding her own courage to soar, to inspiring and encouraging so many others to follow in your own footsteps.
She is someone that is never content to just go along with the ride, instead she jumps in 100% sharing her passion for aviation. 
Lesley has organizing programs such as the FCC 99s ‘Girls Take Flight’ and COPAs flights for kids… introducing thousands of our youth to aviation. Lesley has been a mentor to young girls starting their flight training and follows through with them throughout their flying careers. She sits on the executive for the Northern Lights Aero Foundation, and is very involved with COPA.

Throughout the year you can find Lesley introducing females to aviation with flights in her airplane and going out in the community speaking about aviation. 

Lesley has been dedicated to the Ninety-Nines, serving as a volunteer, a mentor, the past Chair of the First Canadian Chapter, and these past four years as the ECS Secretary.
She has been recognized with numerous awards – and it is my pleasure to honour Lesley this year, as the recipient for the East Canada Section’s 2020 Governors Award.

From Governor Hadfield

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I met Lesley about 10 Years ago, and from the moment I met her I knew she was very passionate and devoted to the 99’s, and Aviation!!
The smile on her face says it all!! Lesley has been instrumental in introducing young girls and women as well as young boys into Aviation through events such as Girls take flight and through COPA.

Her devotion and commitment to the 99’s has been shown though her involvement through the years where she has served as Vice Chair and Chapter Chair of the First Canadian Chapter in addition Lesley has served 2 terms as Secretary for The East Canada Section.
It is a pleasure to honour Lesley this year for the Governor Service Award to add to her collection of much-deserved awards and recognitions!

From Vice Governor Kim Winsor