East Canada Section Honoured With ThinkOttawa Award!

As the East Canada Section Governor, I had the pleasure of inviting our ECS Secretary Lesley Page, and members of the Eastern Ontario Chapter members, to represent the Ninety-Nines Inc at a gala and award ceremony by ThinkOttawa.
The East Canada Section was presented with an award to the 99s for hosting our International Conference in Ottawa in 2016.
The organization ThinkOttawa is a joint effort between Ottawa Tourism, the Shaw Centre and other partners, to bring more international conferences to Ottawa.
Last evening they held their kickoff gala recognizing organizations such as the Ninety-Nines and others who have held their international conference here over the past five years, plus those who they’ve helped win contracts to host a conference in 2020-2022.
We were selected as the 2016 conference honourees.

Unfortunately the organizing chair of our 99s conference, Joy Parker Blackwood and key people such as Kathy Fox were not able to attend.

it was a lovely evening and we were proud to all be there to represent our Section of women pilots!

Robin Hadfield,

Governor, East Canada Section

Director, International Board of Directors.

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