Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship & Awards

The Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships & Awards

2020 AE Scholarship applications are available

NOTAM from your AEMSF Trustees!

Beginning with the 2020 application cycle, Chapters and Sections may submit only the number of applications permitted by their quota; Alternates will no longer be accepted. Additionally, Flight Training and Technical Training scholarships are limited to a maximum award of $20,000.

If a rating or training opportunity exceeds that amount, we’d like to have the applicant provide a very specific “plan” concerning how they’d complete that training if only $20,000 was awarded instead of a full-amount.

AE Scholarship Application Deadline is January 1, 2020.

We STRONGLY recommend that you contact your AE Chapter Chair well in advance of the January 1 submission deadline so she may start considering her recommendation letter for you.


The Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1940 and has grown to over $5 million currently funding the following five scholarships:

1. The Flight Training Scholarship covers up to $20,000 for one pilot training course, certificate, rating or type rating.
Examples: Instrument rating, multi-engine rating, flight instructor certificate, airline transport pilot certificate, King Air training or Boeing 737 type rating.
2. The Academic Scholarship provides up to $10,000 annually towards a college degree in aviation or aerospace. Students may reapply each year for continuing support through graduation. If flight training is integral to curriculum, either the Academic Scholarship application or the Flight Training Scholarship application may be used.
Examples: Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degree in fields such as aerospace engineering, aviation technology, aviation business management, air traffic management, or professional pilot.
3. The Technical Training Scholarship covers up to $20,000 to complete an aviation or aerospace technical training or certification course.
Examples: ATP CTP (or international equivalent), Airframe and/or Powerplant Mechanic, Dispatcher, Air Traffic Control training program, FAA / NTSB/ manufacturer’s safety training, manufacturer’s specialized training or certification course.

Note: Excludes any flight training and any technical training that is part of a college degree program
4. The Vicki Cruse Memorial Scholarship for Emergency Maneuver Training is for the entire cost of flight training to complete a program of spin and emergency maneuver training, with some exposure to pure aerobatics.

5. The Kitty Houghton Memorial Scholarship provides funds for flight training or education in an aviation-related field of study. Eligible members must be from a country with an emerging economy, that is, a country defined as NOT in the G20 member countries. The 2018 members of the G20 are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union.

2020 Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Instructions

Applicants: Please download the appropriate application form after reading the instructions.

2020 AE Flight Training Scholarship Application

2020 AE Academic Scholarship Application

2020 AE Technical Training Scholarship Application

2020 AE Vicki Cruse Memorial Scholarship Application for Emergency Maneuver Training

2020 AE Kitty Houghton Memorial Scholarship Application

Research Scholar Grants

The documented history of woman’s place in the development and furtherance of aviation and aerospace.

Documenting and fostering the leadership role of women in all facets of aviation including social, economic, engineering, historical, political, etc.

The expansion of human knowledge in areas of specific differences faced by women in aviation: as pilots, as engineers, as administrators, in military aviation, etc. Special disciplines applied to these problems could include, but not be limited to: history, sociology, psychology, biology, economics, business administration, human engineering, ergonomics, etc.

The grant may be used in conjunction with other research activities such as: completion of research requirements for an advanced degree or matching funds with other grants to fund a program larger than either grant could sponsor independently.

Information on the AEMSF Research Scholar Grants, including eligibility requirements, application process, and deadlines, may be obtained from Dr. Jacqueline Boyd, AEMSF Research Scholar Grants.


ALL Applicants Submission Deadline: Received by January 1, 2020
• Chapter members – Submit to Chapter AE Chair
• Section members, no chapter – Submit to Section AE Chair
• Member-at-Large – Submit to 99s President
Chapter to Section Submission Deadline (when applicable): Received by January 15, 2020
Section to Trustees Submission Deadline: Received by February 5, 2020
Judging of applications (Trustees and Outside Judges): Between February 5 and April 15, 2020
Applicant MANDATORY Update to Trustees (when applicable): Received by March 5, 2020
Notification of Results: By April 15, 2020
AE Scholarship Awards Banquet (Optional Attendance): 99s International Conference, July 2020
Winners’ Training Must Be Complete: By June 30, 2021
Please read all instructions before filling out application


1. Membership. For AE Flight Training, Academic or Technical Training Scholarships, applicant must have been a member of The Ninety-Nines, Inc. continuously for one full year as of January 1.
Exception: For Kitty Houghton Memorial Scholarships and Vicki Cruse Emergency Maneuvers Training, there is no length of membership limitation. Student Pilot members may apply ONLY for the Fly Now
award or the Kitty Houghton Memorial Scholarship.
2. Goal. Applicant must have a specific and realistic goal for advancement in aviation or aerospace. This goal may be to qualify for or advance in an aviation-related profession or charitable cause.
3. Financial Need. Applicant must demonstrate a need for financial assistance to progress toward her goal.
Exception: There is no requirement to demonstrate financial need for the Vicki Cruse Scholarship.
4. Medical Certificate. For any scholarship or award request that involves flight training, applicant must submit a copy of a current valid medical, Basic Med or a Driver’s License (for certificates/ratings which do not require a medical) with her application. The medical’s date of issue must be prior to the applicant’s submission deadline and must still be valid on the applicant’s submission deadline (Jan 1). The class of medical required depends on the license, certificate or rating the applicant intends to pursue. If selected to receive a scholarship and the original application contained a medical of a lower class than required to execute the privileges of the requested certificate or rating, she will be required to upgrade her medical to the appropriate minimum class prior to the date that AEMSF receives her first payment request.
Minimum Required Class of Medical
• ATP – 1st Class
• Commercial and Jet-Type Ratings – 2nd Class
• Flight Instructor – 3rd Class
• All others – as required for the specific rating, license or certificate.
• Academic and Technical Training scholarships typically do not require a medical, unless there is a
flight training component to the program.

5. One Training Course. Applicant may request only one training course, certificate, rating or type rating.
Example 1: Application for “FAA Multi-Engine Instrument rating” by an applicant already holding an instrument rating. Request is for an add-on multi-engine rating with instrument privileges – allowed.
Example 2: Application for “Commercial-Instrument” by an applicant with neither rating will be disqualified, unless training for one of the ratings will be complete by March 5. (See Training in Progress below)
6. Training in Progress. Application may be made for a certificate/rating without holding a prerequisite certificate or rating provided training for that required certificate is expected to be completed before March 5.
Example: For an application for “Flight Instructor certificate,” applicant must either already possess the commercial pilot certificate or be in training with expected completion by March 5.
Note: Designated AEMSF Trustee must receive proof of completed prerequisite certificate or rating by March 5; late notification is grounds for disqualification.
7. Flight Currency. For any scholarship or award request (except Academic) that involves flight training:
• Applicant must submit the logbook entry or endorsement showing a successful flight review, competency or proficiency check, or practical test within two years of the applicant’s submission deadline. The date of issue on a pilot certificate is NOT sufficient proof of currency.
• In addition to the logbook pages submitted above, applicant must have logged a minimum of five hours in the six months immediately preceding the applicant’s submission deadline. The flight time may be PIC, SIC, SIM time or with an instructor. Submit the most recent two full logbook pages
(left and right side equal one full page).
• Landing, passenger carrying and instrument currency are not required.
8. Flight Time. Applicant must have sufficient flight time so that she will, upon completion of training requested in this scholarship application, meet or exceed minimum flight time requirements for the certificate/rating sought. Flight time building to meet this requirement may NOT be included in the funding request.
Example: An applicant for an instrument airplane rating requiring 50 hours cross-country pilot-in-command time may not include cross-country time building in her funding request. She may only include the costs of the required elements of training for the instrument rating.
Note: Applicants may report completed flight hours up until March 5 to the Designated AEMSF Trustee.
The Part II Pilot Experience must show the applicant’s plan to accomplish any remaining time building hours needed by June 30, 2021 and how the applicant will finance those hours.
9. Quotas are determined based on the number of Chapter and Section members officially recorded by 99s Headquarters on December 1. The membership total is available in the December Straight and Level at

a. A chapter may select one application for every 25 members. Divide number of chapter members by 25, then round off to nearest whole number. Regardless of size, each chapter is allowed at least one application.
b. A section may submit one application for every 100 members. Divide number of section members by 100, then round off to nearest whole number. Regardless of size, each section is allowed at least one application.
Note: Vicki Cruse and Kitty Houghton Scholarship applications are not counted in other AE scholarship quotas.


1. Use the correct application for the scholarship best suited to your purpose.
2. Download application from the 99s website. It may be completed by computer, typewriter, or by hand. Ensure that each page is neat and legible in English. Be sure all signatures are included and are dated by the applicable deadline. Signatures must be either verified electronic signatures, scanned ink signatures or original ink signatures. Note: A typed name is not a signature.
3. Determine your AE Scholarship Chairman and establish positive contact. Use the online directory to find her name and contact information, by going to the “Office, Position or Member Type” box, then selecting the appropriate title as listed below. Then select your chapter in the “Chapter” box or your section in the “Section” box. We STRONGLY recommend that you contact your AE Chair well in advance of the January 1 submission deadline so she may start considering her recommendation letter for you.
a. Chapter Members: Your AE Scholarship Chairman is your Chapter AEMSF Scholarship Chairman; if your chapter does not have a Scholarship Chairman, it is your Chapter Chairman.
b. Section Members not in a Chapter: Your AE Scholarship Chairman is your Section AEMSF Scholarship Chairman; if your section does not have a Scholarship Chairman, it is your Section Governor.
c. Members-at-Large: Your AE Scholarship Chairman is the International President.
4. Submit the complete application package, which consists of the Application Parts I-IX, including all documentation required by Part VI, to your AE Scholarship Chairman so that she receives it by January 1. Your AE Scholarship Chair should acknowledge receiving your application. Contact her if you have not heard from her before the Section deadline of January 15. If you are recommended, your AE Scholarship Chairman (See #3 above) will complete the 99s Certification and 99s Recommendation (Parts VIII and IX) to send to the next step in the review process.
5. All Applicants: You are responsible for ensuring that the application package is complete and true in every respect. You are responsible for following instructions, meeting all deadlines, and tracking the progress of your application through the review and selection process. Incomplete, late, or fraudulent applications will be disqualified. No eligibility requirements or deadlines will be waived
6. Application Submission and/or Shipping: DO NOT submit application directly to 99s Headquarters or to AEMSF Trustees. Submit to YOUR AE Scholarship Chairman. (See #3 above.) Electronic submission of applications as PDF attachments to email is the preferred method of transmittal. Combine entire package into a single PDF document before submitting. If submitting on paper, use 81⁄2”x11” or A4 size paper. Clip pages together; do not use staples or any type of binder or cover. Submit one original and keep one copy. Send in a single, trackable shipment but waive any signature on delivery. Retain shipment tracking number and proof of mailing. Make a copy of your complete application for yourself before sending to your AE Scholarship Chairman.
7. Mandatory Updates: If required for eligibility, you MUST send the following documentation to the designated AEMSF Trustee at so that she will receive it by the update deadline of March 5.
a. Proof of completion of any certificate or rating in progress as per General Scholarship Requirements.
b. Status of any scholarships or grants that were pending at time of initial application or were applied for since.
c. Any missing information or documentation, or any other change that affects eligibility or application.

QUESTIONS? Contact your AE Scholarship Chairman. If she is unable to answer your question, she should contact the Section AE Scholarship Chair or the AEMSF Trustees.

Note: 99s HEADQUARTERS is not involved with the AE Scholarship application process. Do NOT send questions or applications to HQ.

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