A Conversation with Kathy Fox

On behalf of COPA National and COPA Flight 8, I would like to invite all 99s to virtually attend Episode 4 of our GROUNDED web series: a conversation with Kathy Fox. 

Wednesday Jun 03 at 8 PM – 10 PM EDT

Hosted by COPA – Canadian Owners and Pilots Association

It’s time for Episode 4 of GROUNDED, COPA NextGen’s answer to social distancing. June 3rd at 8PM EDT, join us for a conversation with Kathy Fox.

Kathy Fox is best known as the Chair of the Transportation Safety Board, but many know her as a long standing member of the aviation community with expertise in everything from skydiving to ATC. Throughout her career she has held the posts of flight instructor and examiner, director of operations at Nav Canada, controller in the Montreal Area Control Centre, and she was the first female president of the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association. A long time advocate for safety, transparency, and education, Fox has dedicated her career to advancing and preserving Canadian aviation.