2019 AE Scholarship applications are available

New AE Scholarship Application Deadline is January 1, 2019

Additional changes go into effect for 2019, so be sure to carefully read the instructions!

All the information is on our webpage and on International’s website https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarships.htm

This is an excellent response from Dottie Norkus (AEMSF Trustee) to an query from a member considering applying for a scholarship on the International Ninety-Nines Inc FB page. It was worth sharing…
” It is also important to note here that the AEMSF awards are not solely based on need. You must have need but also be an active and involved member! The competition is stiff and it is not uncommon to only be able to fund about a quarter of the apps that are received. Join as soon as you can and be active as possible in your chapter. This will allow you more time to become a participant and allow them to know them better (a recommendation must come for your chapter as part of the application.)”

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