2018 Gold Cup Air Rally – Results

2018 Gold Cup Air Rally – Results

The 18th GCAR departed from CYRO (Rockcliffe, ON) on Friday September 14, 20178 and everyone eventually reached the destination on the same day – CYSU (Summerside, PE).  There were 22 women participating in 9 airplanes.  The 10thairplane had mechanical difficulties and all the contents, including the IXIXs, were redistributed into the remaining 9 aircrafts.  This is where weight and balance becomes interesting.  Overall, we had wonderful weather and thank you to all of you who prayed to the weather gods.  We had 5, first time 99s participating and a 6th 99 participating after a period of absence – which is wonderful.  If anyone is wondering – Yes, everyone did make it home safely……eventually.

The first place winners were: Mary Norman, Akky Mansikka, & Mo Egan.

The 2nd place winners were: Suzanne Whiltshire & Lisa Bishop

The 3rd place winners were:  Susan Begg, Asti Livingston, & Jane Tilley.

Spot Landing Winner was: Susan Begg.

Below is the article (same one) that was in many of the PEI newspapers.


Congratulations to all the winners and all the participants for coming on the Rally – it was fun!! Hope to see you and many new faces at the GCA Rallies in the future.

Photos from this years rally.

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